Curriculum Vitae

0.     Personnel
Khalid Saeed
February 19, 1949

Married, three children

Razia Saeed, wife, teacher in primary school, Oslo Norway

Usman Saeed (son), physician in Drammen hospital, Norway

Salman Saeed (son), real estate manager, Lindstow AS, Oslo Norway

Amna Saeed (daughter), Dentist, Norway

Specialist in matters concerning quality assurance, development and implementation of quality systems based upon international standards, accreditation of laboratories, training of staff dealing with quality systems, inter laboratory comparison, certification of reference materials, chemical and physical metrology, measurement uncertainty, inspection of laboratories based upon OECD GLP principles, accreditation of personal and system certification, accreditation of inspection bodies, capacity building of national accreditation bodies, organisation and conduct of PT, internal and external quality control of testing laboratories

Enebakkveien 440A

N-1290 Oslo, Norway

Mobile: + 47 - 99 01 12 28

Land line: + 47 – 22 61 65 27


Free lance consultant

Q-N-Sure, Oslo


Mobile: + 47 - 99 01 12 28

English, fluent in reading, writing and speaking

Norwegian fluent in reading, writing and speaking

Urdu- mother tongue

1.     Education

- Ph.D., analytical chemistry, University of Oslo, 1982

- M.Phil., analytical chemistry, University of Oslo, 1978

- Master of science, Major in organic and inorganic chemistry,

University of Punjab, Pakistan, 1973

- Bachelor of Science , University of Punjab, Pakistan 1970

1.1     Award:

Stood third in order of merit in Punjab province in the final exam. of M.Sc. in 1973.The first foreign student who completed Ph.D. degree studies at the University of Oslo.

2.     Experience:0001000598365

Saudi Food and Drug Authority

Drug sector

National Drug and Cosmetic Control laboratories

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Setting up quality system in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and WHO guidelines on pharmaceutical quality control laboratories. (Annex 1, TRS. 957, 2010)

Training of staff.

Assistance in regulatory issues related to GLP.

Norwegian Accreditation

Technical Director /sjefingeniør

Handling of applications for accreditation of laboratories, certification and inspection bodies and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), participation in International meetings.

Responsible for GLP programme and GLP inspections. Representation of Norway in international GLP forums. Assessment of testing laboratories as lead and technical assessor.Assessment of certification and inspection bodies as lead assessor.

Coordinator and responsible for execution of international projects run under the financial support of UNIDO and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Qualified lead auditor for ISO/IEC 9000, and 17025, 17020, 17024, 17065

Norwegian Forest Research Institute (NISK)

P.O.Box 61, 1432 AAS-NLH, Norway

Research Scientist (Analytical Section)

Technical Manager for Quality Assurance, development of quality system based upon EN 45001 (replaced by ISO/IEC 17025), research scientist for method development, trouble shooting concerning ICP, FIA, Ion chromatography, assessment of new analytical tools

Nycomed Pharma A/S P.O.Box 4220 Torshov

0401 Oslo 4, Norway

Manager (Analytical section, Research and Development)

Responsible for daily management of the analytical section including monitoring of daily work load management, personnel management, budget making, necessary documentation for drug registration (new methods of analysis, validation, chemical/pharmaceutical documentation, GLP, GCP, GMP, quality control and assurance etc.)

Nycomed A/S (Imaging) P.O.Box 4220 Torshov

0401 Oslo 4, Norway

Research Worker (Forsker)

Development of new methods using different analytical methodologies

such as Chromatography, Atomic Spectroscopy, NMR in accordance

with GLP. Chemical/Pharmaceutical documentation, Method validation

Training of lab. personnel. Evaluation of new analytical tools.

Collett-Marwell Hauge P.O.Box 1371


Analytical Chemist

Development of new methods based upon Atomic spectroscopy. Product oriented research, documentation, validation, quality control in accordance with GLP, GMP, training of new personnel.

LBM A/S, Fredrikstad, Norway

Consultant for development of new methods for trace elements in biological samples using Atomic Spectroscopy, training of staff.

VEAS, Slemmestad, Norway

Consultant for development of new methods based upon wet oxidation AAS for industrial and domestic sludge in addition to effluent water.

Work Research Institutes

Gydas vei 8, Oslo Norway

Analysis of biological and air samples for particulate and volatile inorganic and organic substances using GC and AAS.

The Norwegian Council for Humanity Research (NAVF)

Stipendium, Development of new methods for determination of selenium in biological materials using electrothermal AAS.

The University of Oslo, Dept. of Chemistry Blindern, Oslo, Norway

Assistant teacher for general chemistry and optical and electrochemical analysis methods.

Resource Development Corporation, 8th floor Dawood Centre,Karachi-4, Pakistan

Analysis of ores and minerals occurring in various parts of Pakistan using AAS and XRF.

A thorough experience of working with national and international organisations on the issues related to quality assurance and traceability of chemical measurement processes.

3.0 International Working Experience

3.1 Working with EU (European Union)

- Member of expert group for evaluation of reports for certification of reference materials since 1995 DG XII.

- Member of GLP- working party established under DG - III.

- Have performed assessment of Belgium, Greek and French GLP Compliance Monitoring Programme, an assignment performed under DG - III.

- Performed a consultancy assignment under PRAQ III programme in Lithuania and Slovenia concerning GLP and general quality assurance for chemical laboratories.

- Have performed assessment of application submitted in connection with 5th framework

3.2 Working with OECD

- Member of OECDs GLP working group and represent Norway in matters concerning GLP.

- Member of a team that performed evaluation of United States Food and Drug Administration US-FDA), Hungarian, Swiss, Austrianand Canadian GLP Compliance Monitoring Programme authorities.

- Participated in the revision of OECDs GLP principles.

- Contribute with lectures on different topics in training course for GLP inspector organised under OECD.

3.3Working with EA (European Co-operation for Accreditation)

- Has been member of Committee 4 and member of task force on evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty in quantitative testing.

- Has performed re-evaluation of FINAS (Finish accreditation body) and SINAL (Italian body for accreditation of testing laboatories) on behalf of EA.

- Member of task force – water testing.

- Organising and conducting of an inter laboratory comparison program for testing of crude water

3.4 Working with Eurachem

-- Norwegian representative of Eurachem

- Member of Eurachem - Euromet working group in traceability.

3.5 Working with Nordic states

- Have performed work in connection with establishing structure for chemical metrology in the Nordic states.


- Had been a member of group working on “Amount of substance”.

3.7 Working with UNIDO

Have conducted several assignments for UNIDO in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mongolia related to quality assurance and accreditation. Project leader for UNIDO’s project in Vietnam related to accreditation of laboratories.

3.8 Working with WHO

Have conducted a mission in Doha for training of staff covering GLP and WHO guidelines for Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories. The mission covered also assistance in developing quality management system for pre-qualification of laboratory from WHO.

Assisted Afghanistan health authority for re-establishing of laboratory for testing of drug and food in Kabul, Afghanistan

3.9 Others

Co-ordinating training programme for Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bosnia for capacity building Apex National Accreditation Bodies

4.0 Affiliation

- Member of several professional committees including Norwegian Chemical Society

5.0 Lectures

Have given several lectures on national and internal level concerning various issues of quality assurance related to accreditation and good laboratory practise. This include; general principles of quality assurance, internal quality control, measurement uncertainty, internal audits, management review, traceability etc.

6.0 Publications

Have published more than 30 articles in national and international journals.

7.0 Miscellaneous

Take part actively in issue related to integration of immigrants in the Norwegian Society.